Three online jewelers’ baby steps into Ornament Magazine …

. . . It’s only an ad, but we’re thrilled to be there!

Between us, Sharon MacLeod, Barbara Cromer (c studio) and I have all been subscribers to Ornament Magazine for decades, always loved it. And now is out in the latest issue of Ornament Magazine.

When I called Sharon and asked her if she’d like to make the ad a threesome with Barbara and me, she exclaimed, “I’ve been a subscriber to Ornament from the beginning (around 30 years) and I always wanted to be in Ornament!”

What was so much fun was that the three of us had never collaborated before, never spoken on the phone before. We had been on the same website for handcrafts a while and each of us confessed we had admired the other’s work from afar.

So, it was a perfect match, a great team. We hadn’t even though of doing an ad until a Thursday morning late in August, When I checked prices and deadlines it turned out we had only two business days to get our plan together and reserve a spot with Ornament. Then we had all of two days over the weekend to get the artwork together for the ad which was due the following Monday noon!

But we did it! Yeah team! So our three studios are out there in Ornament Magazine.

[The the aquisition of by came at the end of September 2010, our URLs in this ad do not get forwarded to us. If you google our names, you’ll find us on other sites. You can find my current site here.]

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