Early work in polymer

In the fall of 2013, learning to work with polymer clay had it’s challenges. I’ve had a lot of color theory and color mixing experience. But polymer is different and I made a lot of “mud” before I had much satisfaction in mixing my own colors.

Small, early projects helped in getting the feel of the materials and some mastery of the color mysteries began to come.

ABrooks_Polymer Bracelets-MOS copyI also discovered some wonderful polymer tutorials online. Ones of special note were from Melanie West and downloaded from her Etsy site. I discovered that the wonky ends of a cane from one of her tutorials made wonderfully odd designs which I used on my early bracelets. . . . .



For the holidays, I began making one-of-a-kind heart pins from the scraps from larger projects. They were, and continue to be popular.


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