In my life as an artist, I’ve “worn many hats”, some of which are mentioned below. As you will see, I’ve generally worn them sequentially, not simultaneously.

After over a decade’s absence from the fine art jewelry scene, late in 2013 I discovered the potential of polymer clay as a fine art jewelry medium. From 2013 into 2016 I developed a line of contemporary art jewelry in this exciting post modern medium. Beginning in 2014, this blog began to focus on my polymer clay ventures.

My previous life as a fine art jeweler with a national reputation was from 1994 to 2001. Click here to see a brief resume from that part of my history. And click here to see several pages of photos of my knit wire jewelry from that period.

In 2008 I designed jewelry with beads made by artisans from around the world, a collaboration, if you will. Most beads I used were part of traditions handed down for generations. Creating that jewelry grew out of a fascination with exotic lands, which began when my grandmother took me to Morocco (and Europe) as a teenager in the 1950’s.

During the 2000s I had traveled to faraway lands as a photographer. You’ll find more about the photography and the other art in my San Rafael, Marin County, California studio at www.annbrooks.com

Current: In 2016 I returned to textile art and added it to my Art Works Downtown studio. Having learned knitting and sewing at my mother’s knee, I dreamt of costume design while growing up in “Hollywood”. Currently I’m designing and creating wearable art which gives me a wonderful opportunity to mix textiles, both ethnic and contemporary. Secret Pockets and various contemporary forms of the kimono are my pallet.

You can follow the evolution of my latest creations on my monthly newsletters here.

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